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Sewing and Alterations in Plano, TX

Sew What? is the local choice for clothing repairs and alterations in Plano, TX. As a seamstress with decades of experience as well as a fashion design degree, I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to complete sewing projects that many others are unable to do. From wedding dress alterations and suit fittings to costume creations and clothing designs, no one is better at creating your wardrobe than I am.

In addition to on-site services at my shop, I also provide fittings, alterations, and clothing repairs at your home or business. Many of my clients are unable to come to me, either because of lack of transportation or due to family obligations, and I’ve tailored my services to fit your needs. 

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Sewing Classes in Plano, TX

I also host sewing classes for adults and children, teaching the basics of sewing to ensure you can make simple repairs from the comfort of your own home. From threading a needle and button replacements to small seam repairs, in my classes you’ll learn how to keep your wardrobe in good condition in between trips to your tailor.

Located in Collin County, I serve everyone in the region. Call me today to schedule an appointment for your alterations or to ask about my line of services. I will gladly answer your questions and get you in as quickly as possible. 


    With decades of sewing experience and a degree in fashion design, you can rest easy knowing that your clothes are in capable hands. Rely on me to put my hard-earned experience to work for you!

    Mobile Sewing

    Whether you need me to come to your home or business or prefer to meet me at my shop, I am completely mobile and able to perform most alterations and repairs anywhere. Whether you’re having a clothing emergency or are just unable to travel, I’m available to take care of all of your clothing repair needs.

    Sewing Classes

    I also host sewing classes for children and adults, teaching basics such as pocket repair and button replacement. I feel that sewing is a vital skill to have, and I seek to bring this lost art back into the hearts of people within the community. 

    Our Sewing Services

    Have a clothing emergency and need someone to come to you? No sweat! I am available to come to your home, office, shop, or anywhere else for immediate clothing repairs. I can provide everything from hem repair and hemming to repair for split seams and zipper breaks. If your clothing repair can’t be performed on-site, I can usually provide a fast fix that will do for the immediate future until you are in a position to get it repaired properly. Plus, if you happen to have a spare set of clothes with you, I also provide pick-up and drop-off services, allowing you to go about your day while I repair your clothing and bring the piece back to you when it’s finished. Whatever your mobile seamstress needs, I’m here to exceed your expectations.

    We offer

    • Custom Clothing
    • Custom Costumes
    • Clothing Repairs
    • Alterations
    • Sewing Classes 
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    Embroidery Services

    I offer personalized embroidery services on a variety of items. Whether it's a logo for a company or fun designs for your children's clothes, I have provided embroidery for numerous occasions.
    • Logo Embroidery  
    • Hooded Towels for Children 
    • Kitchen and Bath Towel Embroidery 
    • Baby Blankets with Names or Date of Birth 
    • Snuggies for Infants and Small Babies 

    Contact Us Today!

    For more information regarding my line of services, call me today at (469) 231-1318. I am happy to answer your questions and will schedule an appointment for a consultation or give you a time to drop your items off to me if a consultation isn’t necessary. If you’d prefer to utilize my pick-up and drop-off service, let me know and we’ll work out a schedule together.

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